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Oklahoma State University


Adjusting to life as a college student is challenging. As family members, we want to help our students make the most of the tremendous opportunities ahead. Oklahoma State University takes pride in the family partnerships that help lead students to success. We share in your excitement and understand adjustments to your student's growth into the OSU family. We will continue to encourage a partnership between your family and OSU as we strive to provide every resource your student needs to transition. 

Families are always welcome at New Student Orientation programs! When your child registers for their selected program, there will be an opportunity to add guests. During our programs, families learn about the university, academic services, scholarships and financial aid, campus safety, parent connections and many other campus resources. The family orientation runs parallel to the student program, and overlaps at several times. Please note that students will be housed on campus for all overnight programs, while families are invited to enjoy Stillwater and stay in any of the local hotels. Please click on the travel link below to access information for local accommodations.

  • Use our travel page for information about travel planning and accommodations.
  • Review our integrative freshman checklist or transfer student checklist designed to guide you through the transition and enrollment process.
  • View our publications to help your student transition to OSU.  These include the Student and Family handbook, Finish in Four Student Supplement, and freshman essentials your student received in the mail following admission.
  • For information about how you can stay involved, please visit Cowboy Parents, OSU's Parents Association.