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The transition to college can be overwhelming.  The Office of First Year Success provides a pathway that allows Freshman students to succeed at their highest capacity.  Through individualized Campus Connections and Financial Planning services, our professional staff and student ambassadors connect new students with campus resources and opportunities.

Campus Connections Coach

Campus Connections Coaches provide guidance and support to assist freshman students in accessing the right services on campus to meet their particular need.  In addition, each of our Coaches work with a cohort of students in the  

  • Training Workshops, Cultural Experiences, and Social Events
  • Supportive Accountability and Peer Mentoring
  • Individualized Success Plans

Financial Planning

Financial planning counselors provide individualized financial strategies and recommendations to leverage campus resources and opportunities to address student needs. They work in collaboration with Scholarships and Financial Aid to address immediate monetary needs of first year students via intervention activities, education, and financial counseling.  In addition, they counsel students regarding:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Strategies to overcome financial setbacks
  • Mapping out plans for funding the student’s education