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Oklahoma State University

Money Talks

You’re invited to Money Talks, a seven-part financial planning series for freshmen. There will be free food at each session and a chance to win one of seven $500 scholarships! We hope to reduce your anxiety about college finances so you can focus on earning good grades and enjoying your new friends.

Your success begins with connections! The Money Talks series is an excellent way for you to meet the success team for your college, your fellow freshmen, and learn new things that will ensure your first year success!

Investing in Yourself

In this session, “Investing in Yourself,” you can learn about how small changes can have a positive ripple effect on your life. For example, going to the gym helps you cope with stress which improves stress tolerance. This results in better grades, and a higher GPA leads to better opportunities. 

Money Talks: Invest in Yourself

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