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Oklahoma State University

Transfer Students

Congratulations transfer students on your admission to Oklahoma State University! We are excited to have you as a vital member of our diverse Cowboy family.

We have put together some important information to help your transition into OSU go as smoothly as possible. Once you have reviewed all the dates and read the information below, select the "program registration" tab to register.

Students transferring to OSU enroll at the same time as current OSU students according to the number of credit hours earned to date, NOT including hours in which you are currently enrolled. 

For Fall 2019 students, please select a Transfer Enrollment Day that corresponds with the number of credit hours you have completed. Attending your earliest available enrollment date provides the best opportunity for course choice.

  • Make-up programs will begin from, 12:15pm-5:00 pm for TRANSFER students. Make-up Dates: Tuesday, August 6; Friday, August 9

Review some of the student and family publications for additional information about OSU and the orientation program.  

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If you have any dietary or disability needs, please contact Palvih Bhana at 405-744-3636 or 

To ensure that we are effective and timely in providing your accommodations, please notify our office at least one week prior to your enrollment program.