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Oklahoma State University


What is Welcome Week?

Welcome Week is the fall welcome event at OSU for all new students. This university-wide experience takes place the week before fall classes begin and is designed to help students make friends, learn their way around campus, and kick off a new chapter in their lives.

Who should come to Welcome Week?

Welcome Week is open to all new students--both freshman and transfer students--at OSU’s Stillwater campus. New students planning to live in a fraternity or sorority house, residence hall, or off campus should plan on attending Welcome Week as well. New students in the NOC- Stillwater/OSU Gateway program are also encouraged to attend.

When is move-in?

Residence Hall move-in for new freshmen is the WEDNESDAY BEFORE CLASSES BEGIN.

Each individual fraternity and sorority specifies a move-in date for their new members, so those new students planning to live in a fraternity or sorority house should check with their chapter leadership.

Where does Welcome Week fit?

A new student’s transition to OSU has four distinct parts. The first is New Student Orientation and Enrollment, which takes place in the late spring and summer. This program is required of all new students, and provides opportunities for students to discuss academic choices and potential careers, get their student ID cards made, and enroll in classes.  

The second part of each student's transition to OSU is Camp Cowboy, an optional overnight program the summer before arriving on campus. This experience is designed to help new students learn the traditions of the university, make friends before school starts, and get an overview of the services available.

Welcome Week is the third part of a new student’s transition and occurs immediately before the start of fall semester. Welcome Week is designed to help new students feel comfortable in their new home. Students will make friends, meet professors and administrators, get first-hand experience with life on campus, and set themselves up for long-term academic success.

The fourth and final part of each student's transition is First-Year Seminar course also known as freshman orientation.  This is a required academic course that each new student takes during their first semester at OSU.  This course is typically a for-credit, seminar-style experience where students can receive ongoing help and mentoring from faculty, learn time management and study skills, and develop an understanding of the university’s policies and available resources.

Taken together, these four experiences complete each new student's transition into OSU. The Division of Student Affairs strongly recommends sequential participation in each.

Is Welcome Week required?

Welcome Week is a completely voluntary program.  There are great programs and services from all over campus, and you are free to select the events that best suit your interests, needs and skills.  Grab your schedule and plan ahead early to make sure you get the most out of this experience!

Do I have to register?

Yes. Registration is necessary in order to receive your welcome packet and free t-shirt at check-in. 

What's the cost?

There is no charge!